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Kid Contemporary presents an immersive workshop and play space for kids of all ages. Venezuelan/Australian artist Nadia Hernández presents It’s time for sancocho! for Kid Contemporary 2022.

Venezuelan/Australian artist Nadia Hernández presents It’s time for sancocho! for the 2022 edition of Kid Contemporary. Occupying a dedicated space at the Fair, children of all ages are invited to create an artwork inspired by Hernández’s practice. Hernández elaborates, “Sancocho is like a soup/stew/hearty broth, typical to many Latin American countries. We make it back home in Venezuela. It is so delicious and healthy, and we usually eat it on a Sunday. The stew has a lot of ingredients, including various meats, vegetables, and tubers.” Children will be asked to select ‘ingredients’ they would like to put in their sancocho, combining handcrafted paper cut- outs and stencilled objects with crayons, textas, pencil drawings to string together a delicious sancocho- mobile to be suspended from the ceiling of the space.

Informed by her experience as a Venezuelan woman living in Australia and positioning herself both within and outside the Latinx diaspora, Nadia Hernández makes art to connect with a sense of place that exists beyond psychic and geographic boundaries. She negotiates complex narratives, weaving the personal and the political, to create a highly recognisable visual language expressed through colourful textiles, paper constructions, paintings, music, installations, sculptures, and murals.

Nadia Hernández is represented by STATION, Melbourne | Sydney.
Kid Contemporary is supported by Reno Art.
Free entry to Sydney Contemporary for children aged 12 and under.

Kid Contemporary will be open for the duration of the fair (evenings excluded).
Artist-led workshops will be held Thursday to Sunday from 1–3pm.

Image credits: Nadia Hernández, Sin medida / Without measure, 2021, paper cut, 71.0 x 90.0 cm, framed. Courtesy the artist and STATION; Nadia Hernández. Courtesy of the artist. Photography by Josh Hourigan.

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