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kid contemporary

Hiromi Tango, Japanese-Australian sculpture and installation artist, will create an immersive playscape, entitled 'the red room', with vibrantly coloured textiles and hands-on workshops for kids aged 1-12.

The art of Hiromi Tango evolves organically from one project to the next, developing complex dialogues with environment and audience. Tango’s large-scale ‘performative installations’ are premised on the notion of interactivity, forging individual, social and cultural connections. Reacting to an age in which human relationships are being eclipsed by the globalisation and virtualisation of communication, the artist’s practice is often collaborative, performative and site-specific. Her immersive installations comprise vibrant sculptural accumulations of donated objects, materials and stories. They become mnemonic traces of feelings and interactions, and the ensuing catalysis of emotion and recognition forms the affective crux of her art. In this way, although Tango’s works are highly personal and autobiographical, they can also be read as universal tropes of collective experience.

Hiromi Tango's 'Red Room' is open during the following hours:

Thursday 7 September | 12noon - 5pm
Friday 8 September | 11am - 6pm
Saturday 9 September | 10am - 6pm
Sunday 10 September | 10am - 5pm