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Long-time friend of the Fair, art collector, and Sydney Contemporary Advisory Board member Sue Cato shares her top picks from Explore Sydney Contemporary, online from 11–21 November 2021.

"My work-life is grounded in logic, so with art and artists, the intriguing and beguiling rabbit hole is knowing that in many – but not all instances - they are exploring realms that I willingly accept aren’t in my day to day reach. It’s the thinking and ideas that capture me."

To support her three decade long art habit, Cato works on business-critical issues and corporate activity for Australian and international corporations and entities. Sue is on the boards of the National Gallery of Australia Foundation and the Garvan Foundation. She is a long-time advisory board member of Sydney Contemporary and is an Ambassador of Women for Election Australia. She is also a member of Chief Executive Women and is Deputy Chairman of the creative think tank, A New Approach. 

Tango_Botan-Peony-1 copy

Hiromi Tango
Botan 牡丹 (Peony)
, 2021
pigment print on smooth cotton rag art paper, gold leaf
90cm x 70cm
Edition: 6 plus 2 artist’s proofs
AU$5,500 incl. GST
Presented by Sullivan+Strumpf

"[I look for] art that takes my breathe and mind away. It’s like the old Rotor Ride at Luna Park in Sydney, the floor drops away but you are stuck to the walk looking. My first question 99% of the time, if I don’t know the artist or their work, is 'please, tell me about it.' "


Jon Campbell
, 2021
lithograph, 9 panels
150cm x 116cm
Edition: 6 plus 2 AP
AU$5,000 incl. GST
Presented by Darren Knight Gallery

Graphic Treatment 2, White, 2019

Andrew Clapham
Graphic Treatment 2, White
, 2019
screenprint on paper
99cm x 68cm
Edition: 7
AU$220 incl. GST
Presented by Artbox Artclub


Rhys Lee
Pelicans, painting and basketball
, 2021
pastel on paper
76cm x 56cm
AU$2,900 incl. GST
Presented by Nicholas Thompson Gallery


Mitch Cairns
Self-portrait w/ incoming idea
, 2021
oil on linen, framed
124.50cm x 104.50cm x 5.50cm
AU$18,000 incl. GST
Presented by The Commercial
View on Explore


Sam Doctor
“A blindness that reaches perfection, and the awe of ecstatic seizures”
, 2021
pigment ink on metallic photo paper, acrylic face mounted, c-channel
125cm x 100cm x 1cm
Edition: Edition of 3 + 2AP
Presented by CHALK HORSE


Catherine O’Donnell​
Fernleigh Court, 2021
charcoal on paper, framed
54cm x 24cm
AU$4,500 incl. GST
Presented by Dominik Mersch Gallery


Tricky Walsh
Geotecture (Foundation)
, 2021
acrylic on 640gsm paper
150cm x 100cm
AU$8,800 incl. GST
Presented by MARS Gallery


Susan Baran
Interior with Shadows
, 2021
photopolymer intaglio a la poupee and hand colouring
30cm x 20cm
Edition: 7
Presented by Susan Baran


Atong Atem
Hamam 6, 2021
digital photograph
116cm x 159cm
Edition: edition 3 of 3 + 2 A/P
AU$10,000 incl. GST
Presented by MARS Gallery

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