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Talk Contemporary

Talk Contemporary | Two Up with Nerida Ross

Sunday 10 September
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Sydney Contemporary Ticket Holders
Location: Talk Contemporary

SPEAKERS: Sabella D’Souza (performance artist), Angela Goh (performance artist), moderated by Nerida Ross (Contributer, FBi Radio)

Two Up is a monthly talk series that combines two seemingly unrelated topics in a series of back to back lectures. After two short lectures the floor gets opened up to an impulsive round of questioning that encourages interactions between speakers and ideas. An open space for inquisitive minds.

For Sydney Contemporary Two Up is bringing together two emerging artists whose practices are worlds apart.  Performance artist Angela Goh is a dancer and choreographer whose work explores dance as a form. While Sabella D’Souza’s performance based practice considers cultural identity in public and private spaces, particularly the internet.

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