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Leading architect, art lover and art collector Penelope Seidler shares her favourite works from Explore Sydney Contemporary. Browse over 1,700 artworks presented by 0ver 80 galleries, online from 11–21 November 2021. B

"I am inspired by gorgeous art, amazing colours and intriguing composition"

Penelope Seidler is the principal of Harry Seidler & Associates architects. She has a strong interest in art and has been involved with various art commissions for architectural projects; she is a collector of a wide variety of art forms. Penelope has been a member of the International Council of the Museum of Modern Art New York since 1973 and is a former Council member of the National Gallery of Australia.


Noel McKenna
April 27th, 2021, 2021
oil on canvas
100.5cm x 100.5cm
AU$22,000 incl. GST
Presented by Darren Knight Gallery

"[When collecting art,] I look for something intriguing, something that looks good and jumps out at me."


Gemma Smith
Gemma Smith: Found Ground, 2018
26cm x 22cm x 2cm
AU$80 incl. GST
Presented by Formist Editions


Linda Marrinon
Archeological dig in Syria, 2021
terracotta and tinted plaster
20cm x 28cm x 14cm
AU$12,000 incl. GST
Presented by Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery


Aida Tomescu —
Chartre I, 2021
oil on Belgian linen
36cm x 26cm
AU$9,500 incl. GST
Presented by Fox Jensen


Beth Letain —
Except the Run of Rivers, 2018
oil on canvas. signed and dated verso ‘Beth Letain, 2018’.
Provenance: Pace Gallery, London; Private Collection, Sydney.
Exhibited: Signal Hill, Pace Gallery, London, UK.
220cm x 190cm
Presented by Justin Miller Art


Sally Smart
Perform (In Her Nature), 2011
mixed media on paper with collage elements
76cm x 56cm
AU$8,800 incl. GST
Presented by Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert


Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran
Guardian with crown I, 2021
50cm x 36cm x 18cm
AU$9,900 incl. GST
Presented by Sullivan+Strumpf


Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones: works on paper 2010–19, 2021
25cm x 17cm x 3cm
AU$80 incl. GST
Presented by Formist Editions


Margaret Dodd
Blue Commodore with Chinese Dragon, 2009
13cm x 37cm x 18cm
AU$15,000 incl. GST
Presented by GAGPROJECTS


Elizabeth Newman
untitled, 2019
oil on linen
69cm x 51cm
AU$6,000 incl. GST
Presented by Darren Knight Gallery

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