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Thursday 7 September, 5pm-9pm


Don’t miss the highly-anticipated Opening Night, where some of the Sydney’s top musicians and performers will transform the Fair into a celebration of art, music and entertainment! Some of Sydney's most exciting performers will tantalise your senses and take you on an exciting journey throughout the Fair.

With performance curated by Emma Price, music curated by VICE and an after party series presented by Concrete Playground, you won't want to miss this night of nights!

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Rebecca Conroy

Iron Lady is a performative research project and comedic intervention into the finance district by an artist armed with an ironing board. The work starts from the premise that finance and the ‘business model’ (in this case the art fair model) is an experimental playground that peddles in speculation, fiction, and value creation.

Sam Doctor

Continuing his focus on humanity’s fragile relationship to the environment and the precarious teeter between the potential/aftermath of catastrophe, Sam Doctor’s new work reveals what is almost unimaginable. Following the conceptual terrain of his prior works, desecrated and violated landscapes are reexamined and the effects of technology and industry on social communities are monitored with alarming results.

Hayden Fowler

Creating a post-apocalyptic space, Hayden Fowler's Together Again invites the audience to partake in a virtual reality experience of a dystopian and unfamiliar landscape inhabited by himself and a dingo.

The Huxleys

Performing their dance spectacle ‘Born to be Alive’, this fantastical duo will be reborn from a giant pink inflatable Yoni to roam Sydney Contemporary in their chimeric costumes.

Garth Knight

Entering the artist’s tableaus of intricate, decorative networks connecting strength and pleasure with those of surrender and abandonment, Garth Knight's performances, entitled Effloresce, focus on the ritual of making, becoming an act of meditation and a process leading to illumination.

Claudia Nicholson

Invoking and embodying stories of the ‘savage’, Claudia Nicholson's They Conquered with Brutal Efficiency will make a grand, romantic and remixed gesture as Nicholson eats a raw lamb's heart upon on traditional South American sawdust carpet.


A Sonorous Body is a new live performance work by Justene Williams developed in collaboration with a local Sydney choir for Sydney Contemporary and Barangaroo. Calling upon a melange of Modernist geometry and operatic theatre, A Sonorous Body adopts costume and sound as architectures for absurd choreographies. Performing bodies act as instruments or links, arranged and rearranged in configurations that explore the sacred geometry of the circle and its ubiquitous associations with humanity and ceremony.


Ginger And The Ghost

Multi-dimensional artists Ginger and the Ghost have created an all encompassing music project using film/ costume/spacial design/ installation art and audio/ visual elements to immerse themselves in their thematic concepts “The Dreamstate” and upcoming “New Rituals”. They have built a grassroots following in Europe across the indie festival circuit with their unique musical vision drawing on Luminaries such as Björk, Fever Ray, Bat for Lashes and Iamamiwhoami.

Marcus Whale

Marcus Whale is a Sydney musician. As a performer, he is a member of duo Collarbones and trio BV, as well as work under his own name, releasing an album "Inland Sea" in June 2016. Primarily forming an electronic world around his singing, the songs across these projects play out dramas of desire, projection and identity while disfiguring forms of pop, club and contemporary classical music.


Jamie Timony is what some people call a Renaissance man. A songwriter since 16, Timony fell in love with music from an early age before going on to act in critically acclaimed stage plays, in feature films alongside the likes of Geoffrey Rush and Willem Dafoe, and expressing himself with visual art.


Presented by Concrete Playground, this year’s After Parties will kick off across Redfern and its surrounds to keep the night of art and culture flowing.


107 Redfern St, Redfern

Fly over from the Fair for an evening of creative flair… art, cocktails and tunes


7 Cope St, Redfern


183 Regent St, Redfern

To coincide with The Bearded Tit’s exhibition HALF LIFE, Performance Contemporary and local legends The Bearded Tit co-present THE LAB, a performance laboratory exploring invention, mutation, material experimentation, data analysis and exchange, happy accidents and spontaneous combustion (if we’re lucky). Expect a heady mix of site-specific performance and The Tit's un-usual creative misfits presenting a series of events worthy of Frankenstein’s monster.


182 Redfern St, Redfern

Inspired by experimental production, ambient music, and raw textures, the Broken Mountain experience is one for all the senses and will stay with you long after the music fades.