Conversation With Gallerist Michael Bugelli

Exhibiting for the first time at Sydney Contemporary 2019 we spoke to Michael Bugelli Gallery Director Michael Bugelli about their upcoming exhibition.

What are some career highlights, or exhibition highlights in the gallery?
A highlight is being in Hobart, among a boundary-pushing scene – that’s something I want to be part of. It will benefit from having a commercial aspect, since though there are several rigorous collections and programs here, we lack commercial avenues to broaden the experience. Hobart is surprisingly international, the rest of the world thinks of it in a different way to Australians. I enjoy being part of that wider sensibility. Things happen here that can’t happen in the other capitals, the agenda is open and fluid.

What was your first exhibition? And why?
As an emerging gallery, I was intrigued to work with established artists, like learning about the gallerist’s world from the artist’s point of view. Now, I prefer a project-based approach that is dependent on the artists’ work rather than working towards a sturdy stable.

Who are you bringing to Sydney Contemporary and why?
Henri Papin (Meijers & Walsh) will make a place, not just an exhibit. I think there is worth in pushing art fairs to be suites of places, something more than stalls with wares to sell.

Works by Henri Papin (meijers & walsh). Courtesy the artist and Michael Bugelli, Hobart.

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