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Conversation With Gallerist Masami Matsubara, Ma2 Gallery (Tokyo)

Exhibiting for the first time at Sydney Contemporary 2019 we spoke to MA2 Gallery Director Masami Matsubara  about their upcoming exhibition.

The gallery is located in Tokyo, can you elaborate on its location and why you chose to open there?
MA2Gallery is near Shibuya, our address is 3-3-8 Ebisu Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Our location is near TOPMuseum and this neighbourhood is the best combination spot of old town and contemporary. 

What are some career highlights, or exhibition highlights in the gallery to date?
We have 4 floors for exhibition space, so we can show different presentation each floor for one artist or several artist. We showed Le Corbusier – his artworks (purism) and constructive furniture (stair case, shower door, etc) using our 4 floors relatively.

What was your first exhibition? And why?
We showed a very Japanese artist whose work expressed Kawaii which means cute in Japanese; it fitted our feeling that time.

Who are you bringing to Sydney Contemporary and why?
We would like to introduce Ken Matsubara, a Japanese artist to Australian contemporary art collectors and art viewers.

Ken Matsubara, Tool Box – Storm in a glass, mixed media: unique antique box, movie (4’11 loop), 35 × 27.5 × 7 cm. Courtesy the artist and MA2 Gallery, Tokyo.
Ken Matsubara, Moon Bowls (Installation view), singing bowl, movie, mixed media, 32.2×13 cm. Courtesy the artist and MA2 Gallery, Tokyo.

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