Sydney Contemporary

Karla Dickens—

B. 1967, Australia

Karla Dickens is Wiradjuri. Born in Sydney in 1967, the same year as the historic Referendum recognising the existence of Aboriginal people as human in their own country. Dickens’ process of self-discovery, through both humour and hardship, was also a journey to understanding her Aboriginal heritage, which Djon Mundine OAM has characterised as ‘ironically and literally a truly dark but noble “Dickensian” life’. Her installation practice assembles found objects—racist and sexist in representation—over which she is caretaker. By exposing such objects, Dickens releases them from their invisible cloaking of embedded ideology, inviting all to bear witness with her.

"A world where humans are brave enough to listen, an environment that builds trust in survival, where money is not the hero, another realm without excuses, hate or cunning, or even self-seeking gain. Stay crazy, real crazy, for a minute longer. Imagine a sustainable future, your heart full of hope and an openness to learn. Where governments and those in power make change with a sense of intelligence and childish wonder."


Karla Dickens
Warrior Woman XVII, 2017
mixed media
30cm x 18cm x 10cm
AU$9,900 incl. GST

Presented by Sullivan+Strumpf

Caption for the portrait of the artist: Courtesy Natalie Grono.

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