05-08 September 2024
05-08 Sept 2024

Installation Contemporary

Curated by Talia Linz, Senior Curator at Artspace, Installation Contemporary is designed to showcase works that extend beyond the traditional booth presentation, providing an opportunity to experience innovative, site-specific, and interactive installations within the unique architecture of Carriageworks. Eleven major artworks will be presented for Installation Contemporary.

APY Art Centre Collective

Tjara, Wana, Miru, 2024
Wood, ceramics and bronze
300 x 300 x 300 cm
Presented by the APY Art Centre Collective 

Senior men and women from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands will present the latest in their Kulata Tjuta (many spears) project, which shares the skills of spear making across generations. Consisting of 200 traditional Anangu tools and weaponry suspended from the Carriageworks ceiling, Tjara, Wana, Miru is a major new installation rooted in age-old traditions. 

Cybele Cox

Constellation and the Five Moons of Pluto, 2019
Hand built glazed ceramic
Dimensions variable
Presented by Ames Yavuz

Artist Cybele Cox will create a constellation of hand-built ceramics – hybrids of the human, animal and natural worlds. Drawing on rich histories of the feminist and fantastical, the installation aligns with the artist’s exploration and reimagining of occult mysticism. 

Cybele Cox (b. 1971, Australia) challenges the portrayal of women in Western art through ceramics, painting, drawing, and costume, blending human and animal forms with ancient symbols and occult themes. Her work reimagines belief systems, rejecting dominant narratives to elevate marginalized perspectives, urging a renewal of spirituality and feminist ideals.

Daniel Agdag

Sets for a film I’ll never make, 2023
Cardboard, trace paper, electronic illumination
170 x 90 x 135cm
Presented by MARS Gallery

A meticulously constructed cardboard sculpture by Melbourne-based artist and filmmaker Daniel Agdag from his series, Sets for a film I’ll Never Make. His works blend architectural nostalgia with film sets and fantasy in delightfully intricate pieces Agdag describes as ‘sketching with cardboard’. 

Daniel Agdag is an artist and filmmaker based in Melbourne, Australia whose practice is directly and indirectly absorbed by systems and the interactive nature from which they derive their functions and purpose.

Darren Sylvester

Transformer, 2021
Steel, neon, mixed media
220 x 130 x 48cm
Presented by Neon Parc

Darren Sylvester’s sleek, steel archway, Transformer, is housed with forty metres of blue neon lights that coolly flicker as audiences pass through the work. Emblematic of Sylvester’s sardonic approach, Transformer appears as a trans-dimensional gateway stolen from the set of a science fiction film epic, perhaps promising transformation, yet it is a portal to nowhere.

Darren Sylvester lives and works in Melbourne, and works across photography, sculpture, music, film and video, as well as large- scale installation. 

David McDiarmid

All I Want Is A Little More Than I’ll Ever Get, 1994
UV prints, vinyl
300 x 500 cm
Presented by Neon Parc

Largescale text works by artist, designer and activist David McDiarmid, who died from an AIDS-related illness in 1995 when he was just 42. With pithy, often ironic, political and poignant observations, McDiarmid’s Rainbow Aphorisms reframe and appropriate cultural discourses of the time. The colour spectrum works were created in Sydney in the final years of the artist’s life and their insightful play with the power of words and the concept of truth remains relevant today.

Lu Yang

DOKU the Self
Single channel digital video
36 minute loop
Presented by COMA

A narrative film by Shanghai-born multimedia artist Lu Yang titled DOKU the Self, which originally premiered at the Venice Biennale. Lu Yang belongs to a young art scene in China inspired by science fiction, manga, gaming and techno culture that works with hypermodern technologies to explore ideas of the posthuman. The video introduces six virtual reincarnations of Lu Yang, exploring the limits of the human in the context of Buddhist and Hindu cosmologies. 

Lu Yang (b. 1989) is a Shanghai-born multimedia artist. Her works are fantastical, often painful, and offer shocking images which represent an interdisciplinary blend of religion, philosophy, neuroscience, psychology and modern technology, as well as the allusions to real life forms and structures of natural and religious origin. 


Mai Nguyen-Long

Rebecca Baumann

Shan Turner-Carroll

Vomit Girl Project, 2022 – 2024
Varying dimensions
Presented by Michael Reid Sydney + Berlin

The latest iteration of Mai Nguyễn-Long’s ongoing Vomit Girl Project, encompassing a selection of idiosyncratic clay characters inspired by Vietnamese rural aesthetics known as mộc mạc. The work collides cultural artefacts and personal histories to represent diasporic narratives, family history and belonging.  

Mai Nguyen-Long, an artist and academic, weaves diverse narratives shaped by her multicultural upbringing. Born in Tasmania to a Vietnamese-Australian family, she spent formative years in Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. Her ceramic and installation practice is profoundly influenced by her pilgrimage to Vietnam.

Refracted field, 2024
Dichroic film, acrylic panels
Varying dimensions

An installation by Perth-based artist Rebecca Baumann comprising more than 100 acrylic panels that invite audiences into an ever-changing space, responding to shifting light and movement. The work explores the relationships between colour, time, space and materiality, and the emotive potential that exists in their convergence. 

Based in Perth, Rebecca Baumann creates sculpture, installations, and performances exploring color, time, space, and materiality’s emotive potential. Her kinetic, ephemeral work employs playful materials like confetti and streamers, questioning temporality and permanence while engaging audiences in dynamic, responsive spaces.

Bodies on a Rock, 2022
Mixed media installation
Varying dimensions
Presented by COMA

An installation by Australian artist of Burmese descent Shan Turner-Carroll, spanning moving images, sculpture and assemblage developed during an artist residency in the regional Icelandic town of Seydisfjordur. Titled Bodies On A Rock, the work plays with ideas of nature, the body, perception, as well as existing colonial visions of land.

Shan Turner-Carroll (b. 1987) is an Australian artist of Burmese descent. Deeply fascinated with unearthing tacit knowledge, his practice integrates mediums including photography, sculpture, performance and film. The artist’s practice interrogates both human and non-human nature. Turner-Carroll exposes alternative forms of social exchange and interactions between art, artist and the viewer. 

Stephen Bird

Continent of Exiles, 2024
Painted ceramics
Varying dimensions
Presented by OLSEN

A large new wall-based work by artist Stephen Bird titled Continent of Exiles, featuring his renowned ceramic plates and sculptures. Investigating the interrelationship of surface, form, colour, line and mark-making, Bird draws attention to our emotional connection with objects that have been made by hand.  

Stephen Bird trained at The Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee, Scotland, where he majored in painting. Making his home and a significant international reputation from Sydney, he remains aloof from any artist pigeon-hole.

Yeo Kaa

Takits, 2022
Fiberglass reinforced resin
180.5 x 68.5 x 68.5 cm
Presented by Ames Yavuz

A life-sized avatar by one of the leading young artists in Southeast Asia, Yeo Kaa. Titled Takits – Tagalog slang for “See you later!” – the work continues their playful yet unsettling exploration of social constructs and taboos. 

Yeo Kaa (b. 1989) is a leading young Southeast Asian artist known for juxtaposing pastels and doll-like figures with disturbing themes. Her work challenges social taboos, portraying macabre scenes in a seemingly naïve, brightly colored style. Through irony and irreverence, she confronts life’s unsettling realities, establishing herself as a distinctive voice.

Meet The Curator: Talia Linz

Talia Linz is a curator and writer, and currently Senior Curator at Artspace, Gadigal Country/Sydney, collaborating on an ambitious program of exhibitions, co-commissions, publishing, and multi-platform projects. She has curated and jointly developed many projects by major international and Australian artists presented at institutions including the Biennale of Sydney, Sydney Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Carriageworks, Museum of Sydney, National Art School, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, and Dhaka Art Summit, Bangladesh. She has worked throughout the arts in performance, radio and publishing, and has edited and contributed to numerous artist monographs, journals, books and exhibition catalogues. She was a co-curator of rīvus, 23rd Biennale of Sydney, 2022.

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