Yavuz Gallery has exhibited at Sydney Contemporary since its first iteration in 2013. Director Can Yavuz reflects on the impact the Fair had on his gallery “We made great new contacts and it was very clear after the first day that our gallery should explore the market further”.The Singapore based gallery has since worked to build a bridge between Australia and Southeast Asia, successfully showcasing works by Abdul Abdullah and André Hemer overseas.

Tell us about your first exhibition at Sydney Contemporary
We first participated in the fair in 2013, with a predominant focus on Southeast Asian artists from our roster. We were very pleased that our presentation was well received, as Sydney was a new market that we had embarked on to develop through the fair. We were also pleasantly surprised to see the general enthusiasm of collectors and art lovers at its inaugural edition.

What sort of impact did Sydney Contemporary have on your gallery?
We made great new contacts and it was very clear after the first day that our gallery should explore the market further. Besides having participated at every edition of Sydney Contemporary since then, we have held various exhibitions in Singapore featuring artists from Australia and New Zealand and are now representing artists such as Abdul Abdullah and André Hemer.

There is a strong interest in Southeast Asia in Australia and vice versa, and we have since worked to build that bridge between the two regions. After that initial presentation, we have also further presented Australian art abroad in projects across Europe, Southeast Asia, China and Hong Kong.

What makes Sydney Contemporary unique?
Sydney Contemporary is Australiasia’s pre-eminent fair, reflecting a vibrant and mature local market, attracting key figures of the art ecosystem of the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

What’s your one hot tip to visiting Sydney Contemporary?
Come to Carriageworks on Saturday morning to enjoy great food at the farmers market before the fair! It has been wonderful to watch how visitors wonder into the fair with their fresh groceries and shopping, and it makes it such a unique experience with its welcoming and casual atmosphere. This really exemplifies Sydney as a city – a diverse, open minded and beautiful place where you can look at great art, have great food in a stunning and historic setting.


Yavuz Gallery presentation at Sydney Contemporary 2017. Photo Credit: Jacquie Manning.
Abdul Abdullah, Call me by my name, 2018, installation view. Sydney Contemporary 2018. Photo Credit: Jacquie Manning.
Abdul Abdullah, A terrible burden, 2018, oil on linen, 180 x 240 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Yavuz Gallery, Singapore.