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We invited Australian fashion icon Bianca Spender to select her highlights from Explore Sydney Contemporary. Browse and buy artwork by over 500 artists online from 11–21 November 2021.

“Creativity, form and layers you can unfold each time you look at it. I seek out creations that evoke the senses and a deep emotional response. I look for originality, a unique perspective, and a point of view that makes you think or see the world in a different way."

Bianca Spender is a designer at the forefront of Australian fashion. With a steadfast dedication to creating lasting and elegant pieces for the modern women, she makes ethically accredited and sustainable clothing for the conscious consumer.

Bianca’s background includes studying both Commerce and Fashion. In 2004, she returned to Australia from Europe to design under Carla Zampatti and launched her own eponymous line in 2009. She has shown at Australian Fashion Week since 2010. Bianca Spender continues to be an iconic and revered Australian brand, with a commitment to a strong and sustainable future for Australian fashion.


Joshua Yeldham
Mangrove Web, 2021
acrylic on unique hand-carved pigment print, framed.
139cm x 203cm
Presented by Arthouse Gallery

"In paintings and drawings, I want to be able to feel the etching and the paint dripping from the canvas and I’m drawn to sculptures you can touch for a tactile sensation that adds a third dimension.”


Lindy Lee
black dew, 2021
Chinese ink, fire and rain on paper (unframed)
155cm x 103cm
AU$22,000 incl. GST
Presented by Sullivan+Strumpf


Robert ‘Tommy’ Pau
Over Rooled, 2020
vinylcut relief print
95cm x 67cm
Edition: 30
AU$750 incl. GST
Presented by Canopy Art & Editions Tremblay NFP


Tim Silver
Untitled (heartbeats) J.M, 2021
copper infused Forton MG
12cm x 20cm x 14cm
AU$6,600 incl. GST
Presented by Sullivan+Strumpf

"Sometimes it’s the simplest yet clever idea that inspires me. It’s the pieces that pull the layers of stories together while rendering them in a beautifully pure way that takes you along on the story and that you can also appreciate aesthetically.”


Alexandra Standen
Free to Browse, 2021
hand built lumina, black mid fire, glaze
88cm x 38cm x 42cm
AU$4,200 incl. GST


Graziela Guardino
In between, 2021
acrylic on linen and wood
42cm x 30cm x 2cm
AU$1,400 incl. GST
Presented by MAY SPACE Online

Betty Kuntiwa Pumani
Antara, 2020
synthetic polymer paint on linen
250cm x 200cm
AU$30,000 incl. GST
Presented by Alcaston Gallery


Tamara Dean,
Taking Aim, 2021
pigment print on cotton rag
120cm x 160cm
Edition: edition of 6 + 2AP
AU$9,500 incl. GST
Presented by Michael Reid Sydney + Berlin


Joseph McGlennon
Pollen 1, 2021
giclee digital print on archival hahnemule fine art paper
160cm x 100cm
Edition: edition of 8 + 2AP
AU$7,000 incl. GST
Presented by Michael Reid Sydney + Berlin


Daniel Boyd
Untitled (SPLDDMNDX), 2021
oil, acrylic, charcoal and archival glue on canvas
153cm x 122cm
Presented by Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

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